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DUI Defense
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Being arrested for a DUI or DWI can be a very scary and traumatic experience. It is definitely not a legal challenge you want to face alone. Having an aggressive DUI attorney there to protect and defend your rights is imperative. So much is at stake after this type of arrest, including your job, your freedom and financial stability.  We have a firm understanding of all of Georgia's laws and will be sure that we do everything possible to use them in your favor. 

We will be by your side at every court appearance. Our team will also conduct our own investigation and challenge any unlawful procedures or tests that may have been conducted.  You can feel confident in our level of determination and experience. We have a passion for the law and an even greater passion for helping our clients. Call us today if you or a loved one is facing a DUI case. 
As highly qualified DUI Defense Lawyers serving South Atlanta, College Park, East Point and Fairburn, GA, we will come directly to you to get started on your case. 

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The long term consequences of your DUI arrest can quickly spiral out of control and cause you profound stress and impact your ability to earn a decent living. We work relentlessly on our clients' behalf because we genuinely care about each of them. When it comes to having an effective DWI defense, you need to have the right lawyer by your side. We are standing by to take your call. Let Jones & Associates defend you against your DUI or DWI charges. Call us now!
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