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DUI Arrest Cases

Alcohol Intoxication
Narcotics or Drug Intoxication                       
Improper Field Sobriety Tests
Illegal Stops
Driver's License Suspension
DUI Accidents & Collisions
Minors Involved In DUIs
Pedestrian Accidents Involving DUIs
Breath or Chemical Test Challenges


Have you or a family member been arrested for a DUI or DWI? This can potentially send your life into a total tailspin. The bright spot is that you do not have to face this challenge alone and that the right attorney can truly improve your situation. The financial, emotional and familial strain that comes along with a DUI can be overwhelming to say the least. That's why we immediately put our defense strategy into motion and also are their for you on a personal level to give you the support you need. We are not intimidated by the barriers the judicial system may try to put in your way. You still have rights, and we will do all we can to protect them. You need an aggressive DUI lawyer in East Point, GA.

Having DUI defense attorneys on your side who fully understand how the law works is invaluable. We have a wealth of experience to draw from and always stay abreast of any changes to current DUI laws. Our team knows exactly what areas to challenge and investigate, as well as the best lines of defense to pursue. As compassionate and focused attorneys, our legal team will be there every step of the way. Our goal is always to minimize the possible negative outcomes after your arrest. We make ourselves fully available to our clients so that we can answer all of your questions and be a support system for you. Many defendants do no even realize that DUI arrests are not open and shut cases. There are many ways to reduce or even have charges dropped after your arrest. Protect the many things in your life that you have worked so hard to build. Our rigorous preparation and detailed investigative techniques are designed to help you recover from this situation as soon as possible. Mitigating the damage your DUI arrest has on your life is imperative to us. When you put your trust in Jones & Associates, you are in good hands. We are local East Point defense attorneys ready to take on case today!

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Are you facing DWI or DUI charges? We are trusted DUI lawyers who are ready to start working on your case immediately. Experience, expertise and a proven track record are the hallmarks of our practice. At Jones & Associates we pride ourselves on the impeccable reputation we have built in the community. We work relentlessly on our clients behalf because we genuinely care about each of them.When it comes to having an effective DWI defense, you need to have the right lawyer by your side. We are standing by to take your call. Let Jones & Associates defend you against your DUI or DWI charges. Call us now!
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