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Slip & Fall Injury & Premises Liability Case

"I loved the personal touch and concern given. Even though it was an attorney/client relationship, it felt more like family. They were very honest about how my case was developing. I wouldn't hesitate to come back!!!" --C. Curry

Auto Accident Case

"I have had a much better experience with Jones and Associates than my previous attorney. He hardly ever returned my calls and it was almost impossible to find out what was going on with my case. Mr. Jones and his staff have always kept me updated on the progress of my case and they usually call me before I call them. It's nice to not have to spend all my time worrying about what's going on so I can concentrate on getting treatment and feeling better." --Latrice

Auto Accident Case

"I have referred several of my friends and family members to Jones and Associates because I know their cases will be handled with extra care and concern. It always helps in a time of crisis to have a dependable team handling the details. I was very satisfied with my settlement award from my accident and I know everything was done to ensure I got all that I deserved" --Falicia 

Auto Accident Case & Estate Planning

"Jones and Associates are the only firm I call whenever there is a legal issue in my family. The staff is very friendly and helpful and my questions are answered very quickly. The whole process was a breeze from the initial consultation to picking up my check!" --Edward 

Auto Accident Case

"My children were injured in an auto collision and Jones and Associates made sure all of their medical bills were paid and there were no other financial issues for our family. It really helped their recovery to know that everything would be taken care of, and my wallet was very happy too!!" --Roy  

Auto Accident Case

"The only good part about me or anyone I love getting into an accident and being injured is that I know exactly who to call for advice on what the next steps should be and what the ultimate outcome will likely be. Jones and Associates has been a rock in a storm many times for people who are going through tough situations. I have their number programmed in my phone so I can call them from the scene if anything ever happens." --Fabrenia 

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